Verified Merchant Xclamations is a leading designer and manufacturer of stylish occassion and casual wears. Our selected online range includes our signature linen collection and a consistent entry of new designs in a variety of fabrics. Our collections are available in sizes 8 to 22 for ladies and Medium to extra large for men and are identifiable by our exquisite finish and elegant cuts.

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"No be God?"

It was the beginning of another season....another collection was due and that meant my staff and customers were waiting to see what was new and I had nothing! Soooo much was happenning,we had outgrown our factory and had begun the uphill task of moving to a bigger one,the kids had just resumed school and so school runs and mummy duties took up my day and the last thing I felt like doing was designing! i put pen to sketch pad a dozen times and nothing,nada,zilch! I asked myself the same question I seemed to ask at this time,is this it,am i all tapped out? was the last collection with all the hot pieces that brought us sooo much recognition just a fluke? would the world finally come to discover I was just another flash in the pan? I got lucky with that collection....surely lightening doesnt strike twice ,how could i possibly top perfection...or so i thought.

Finally after the most stressfull time of my work life,our factory was ready! the machines were serviced and generator fuelled."Ok ma....we need to start working on samples,the new collection is due in two weeks" my factory manager reminded me,so I did what I should have done from the beginning...I went into "madams toilet" and prayed "Lord...you and I know you are the head designer for xclamations.....I dont know what to do if you dont help me...I need new designs now and this time I will let everybody know its all you" I felt a tear and then a peace....I recognised that feelling. Two hours later michelle,snazzy,traffic skirt,joygirl ,pwk,rockstar,boxdress, beautyand dazzle were born.The collection was a hit! With record high sales and mass appeal. So whenever people ask me "how do you do it?" my answer is simple "No be God?"

House call!

I had promised myself I would stop making house calls not just because of the extra effort involved but because I truly believe it denies our customer of a complete " Xclamations experience" but there was something about this lady that made me give in. She was a guest at a talk show a  client of mine hosted and had asked to meet the designer of the kaftan her host was wearing.My customer called immediately after the interview to pass on her details. I am really not a fan of the celebrity phenomenon that seems to have the whole world jaded! " The PAYING customer is king whatever their status" is what I always tell my sales team....but there I was making a very rare exception and so I found myself at her house and what a house! 

I had never met her personally,like most people I only knew her through the fashion and life style magazines and also for her work.I was already slightly intimidated by the marble tiles,leather sofas and uniformed domestic staff so I crossed my heels and squared my shoulders when I heard her room door open.

"Hello Tomi" She said smilling at me like we were old friends
I stood up to share the traditional peck on both cheeks all the while thinking"Oh my God you are beautifull" Her lovely home was only rivaled by her exceptional effortless beauty which paled beside her warm personality...I guess this is what is called the "complete package" .

" You know when I saw your work I said to myself,whoever made this must be mad or spooky but definitly not normal...your attention to detail cant be healthy" she joked, I laughed.. nobody had ever put it that way before
" Well I can assure you I am very healthy but maybe a tad mad..." I replied still laughing

I spent three hours at her house that day and realised we both shared alot more than just our sense of humor.We were both very passionate about work,family and faith and even had a few mutual friends.It didnt hurt that she bought a truck load of clothes too.But more importantly I had gained a friend and in her own words "a fan" too 

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